Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the add-on to my own webshop?
You can find the installation guides in Finnish on the support page.


I can't access the settings after installing the add-on.
1. Clear the Magento cache after the installation.
2. Log out from the admin view and then log back in.


Prinetti Connector sends an error message "Reititystietoa ei löydy" when I'm trying to print an address label.
Check the Prinetti settings Lähettäjän sopimustunnus. You will need to ask Itella for separate login for the Lemononline Prinetti Connector integration, the login for the web version of Prinetti won't work.


How does the skipping of the payment method choosing page work?
This is a paid service from Paytrail that lets the customer choose their payment method already at the check out of the Magento store and thus skips the separate page of choosing the payment method.


What if I encounter problems with the use of an add-on?
If you can't find an answer to your problem on instructions or in the FAQ, you can request an offer from us to help you to solve the problem via a separate support form. Technical consultation will be charged beforehand. Please describe your problem as detailed as possible, so that we can make you an offer price of the consultation. The price is determined according to the current hourly rate.


Can I test the payment process before launching the shop?
You can use a dedicated login for testing with the Payment add-on

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